Three benefits of hiring a professional to install your Christmas lights

Installing christmas lights

It’s almost time to deck the halls for the holidays! For many, decorating begins with getting outside and hanging christmas lights. If you’ve made it to this page, you may be thinking about delegating this particular task to someone else.  You’re not alone – most clients tell us they’re happy they bit the bullet and decided to go with the pros. Let’s take a look at the top three reasons you should hire a professional to install your Christmas lights!

Reason 1: Spend More Time With Your Family

The true essence of the holidays is to spend time quality time with our loved ones. Sadly, the opposite can ring true, as many of us are inundated with long to do lists. Can you imagine spending a valuable weekend sorting through boxes of dusty lights, some missing precious bulbs and others intricately tangled?

The best thing to do is weigh the items on your list and decide if hanging exterior Christmas lights is something you can happily assign to a professional company.

Reason 2: Safety

In British Columbia alone, there were 1,667 serious injuries from falls off ladders between 2013 and 2017. We have many clients who are comfortable using ladders but choose to have their Christmas lights installed by professionals because they don’t want to risk an injury, especially when wind, rain and snow pose hazards.

Professional light installers are well versed in fall protection and ladder safety. They work with the correct protective work gear and equipment. Always do your due diligence and hire a company that is insured and Work Safe BC approved.

Reason 3: Quality and Style

Professional Christmas light installations are unmatched in quality and appearance. Not only do commercial grade LEDs lights provide the best in brightness, colour, and quality but the pros  also take care of all the wires, cords, and timers. Clients tell us they love leasing lights because they are able to customize their light display each year!

Those are the top 3 reasons we hear clients say they prefer hiring a professional to install their christmas lights. Comment below your thoughts and any other reasons, for or against, hiring pros!

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